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Gummy's Hibernation by Mystic-Forces
Gummy's Hibernation
Rainbow Dash:  "Hey, Pinkie Pie!  What's the hold up?!  We got a snow fort to build before our big snowball fight--!"


Pinkie Pie:  "Oh!  Sorry, Dashie.  Did you want me to get you a drink as well?"

Rainbow Dash (angry) #2 plz by luckreza8

Artist's Notes:

I felt compelled to do this illustration because it raised a lot of questions when I watched Season 5's "Tanks for the Memories."  Mostly I was wondering if there are any alternatives to consider when it comes to how pet reptiles, like Tank and Gummy, spend their winter days.  And while it was interesting for Rainbow Dash to get a second opinion from Spike, since he didn't enjoy winter that much in Season 1's "Winter Wrap-Up", it should have been a logical choice for Rainbow to speak with Pinkie Pie next for her expertise due to her ownership of a pet alligator.  She had Gummy far longer than Dash did for Tank, so surely the pink party pony could offers some good advice for her Pegasus friend.

As far as I gathered from my research, in the wild, alligators don't hibernate.  Mostly, it's because of their natural habitats since they reside in very warm areas such as Florida or Louisiana.  If it does get too cold for them, they can slow their metabolism to preserve energy.  Alligators can also try to stay submerged in water or find a burrow to rest. These areas provide less temperature changes than being out in the open air and can help the alligator retain warmth.

But back on Tanks' case, I could believe that he is just following his tortoise instincts, but since he has a home and someone to take care of him as well as provide food, does he really need to hibernate?  I can understand if he's much slower than usual due to the winter cold, but without the need to search for food, there's no need for him to hibernate, right?  That's the point of hibernation as Fluttershy stated: when food is scarce and they need to conserve energy by taking a long winter nap.

As for the episode itself, I think what Rainbow Dash did all for the sake of her pet tortoise was completely reckless and out of character.  I know a few of the main characters did other reckless things that endangered Ponyville (example: Spikezilla in "Secret of My Excess") but for this episode... this one takes the cake, as it not only endangered Ponyville, but Cloudsdale as well.  That being said, I did enjoy some of the other funny and touching moments: Rainbow's various meme-influenced expressions, her solo song, and the very heartwarming ending.
Jasper Headshot - Flat Colors by Mystic-Forces
Jasper Headshot - Flat Colors
This is not only the first time I used a new digital art program, Manga Studio 5, but it's also the first time I used my new tablet.  There are some advantages and disadvantages compared to what I was used to, but I definitely see great benefits when it comes to coloring.  But for now, this is just a test run.

Anyway, my admiration for "Steven Universe" began with the whole Ruby/Sapphire Fan Art Craze that flooded DeviantArt's Frontpage with the premiere of the episode, "Jail Break."  Naturally, my curiosity got the best of me, so I checked out the episode myself.

And I love it!

Immediately, I was hooked on my new favorite cartoon show.  I love the characters, the music, and the gorgeous colors in the backgrounds and settings.  Obviously, my favorite character of them all is Garnet.  But that will be saved for another time.

I know a lot of fans favor Peridot, but Jasper is my absolute favorite villain so far in the show.  Not only does she have a history and a grudge against the Crystal Gems, especially Rose Quartz, but she is truly menacing in every sense of the word.  I just love the psychotic expressions she makes whenever she engages in battle.

I really hope to see more of her again along with Lapis Lazuli!
Chakravartin the Creator by Mystic-Forces
Chakravartin the Creator
"I am the true God, the embodiment of the wheel of life, the Spinner of all Mantra."

"I am Chakravartin.  It is I who keeps the wheels of this planet in motion."

"You have exceeded my expectations.  I praise you."

"How dare you defy me!"

"Arrogant Destructor!  I shall erase your very existence!"

"Weak, very weak.  Die!"

"The suffering this world has seen... was all to choose my heir!"


Like most Capcom games, Asura's Wrath features a lot of colorful characters, including its villains.  However, despite loving all of its cast, I have to admit, the first two main antagonists are pretty genetic.  For example, Deus, the leader of the Seven Deities, is the typical villain with an egotistic, god complex, who's intent on taking over the world, and Vlitra, a demonic entity that controls the Gohmas, is just a mindless beast of rage that intended on bringing about the end of the world.  Even when Asura defeated Deus and Vlitra, the climax from that felt pretty generic to me as well.  It even felt like that something was... unfinished.

However, that all changed for me with the reveal of the game's true antagonist... Chakravartin!

You see, he is the one who was pulling the strings behind most of the story's events, including the release of the Gohmas and spurring Asura on the path of his vengeance.  And to top it all off, Chakravartin is the true god of Gaia.  Yet despite his omnipotence, he displays a calm, well-respectful manner to those who he thinks are worthy.

But his biggest characteristic that I enjoy the most of all that separates him from the rest of the villains is his neutrality.  His complete lack of empathy makes him neither good nor evil.  Chakravartin doesn't care how many lives will suffer or die over the countless eons, he only cares about the results for his own agenda to find the ideal ruler of the Planet Gaia so he can turn his attention to other planets he is charged of.  And if the final results don't satisfy him, he can simply reset the universe by destroying the planet and begin anew just like he has done before.  The kind of neutrality is so rare for an antagonist to display, and that is what makes him so unique and more engaging than the other villains in this story.

Regarding with the villain's design, I do love his first appearance as a shining, golden god with Hinduism/Buddhism characteristics, but I have to commend for this true form, Chakravartin the Creator.  He's practically the physical embodiment of life and death and a visual representation as the perfect human being (in regards with his anatomy and physical attributes at least).  Plus, his sleek design and incredible speed reminds me of Frieza, a well-known Dragon Ball Z villain.

Other things I like about Chakravartin include all of my favorite lines from him as well as his themed scores, including his introduction, his battle while in his first form, and his final battle while in his true form.  Also, on an interesting note, his final battle reminds me a lot of the final battle with Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts II, including the villain's design, the complete void of the final battleground, and the haunting score playing in the midst of the battle.

So yeah, it is unfortunate that you would have to pay extra for the DLC content to get the "true" ending.  But you know what?  With the reveal of a one-of-a-kind villain and a deeply satisfying final battle that led to the ultimate ending with the perfect blend of tragedy and triumph... that would be the price I would be more than happy to pay (sort of)!

*Chakravartin the Creator is copyrighted to Capcom.*


Ford Shipper
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Current Residence: Salisbury, MD
Favourite genre of music: soundtrack, jazz, & rock
Favourite style of art: superhero, fantasy, parody comics
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